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Woodpacker buys all kinds and sizes pallets. However there are some exeptions. In the table below you can find which sizes we buy given in cm. De price we pay is strongly dependant of the quality and the amount being offered to us. Should you offer us an unusual size bear in mind that this is only interesting for us if you offer us a large quantity.

  •  60-80
  •  80-100
  •  80-120
  •  100-120
  •  100-100
  •  110-110
  •  110-130
  •  114-114
  •  120-120
  •  CP 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9
  •  Euro Pallets
  •  Platforms

Woodpacker has its own transport for delivering and collecting pallets. For bulk cargoes starting from 300 pallets Woodpacker user extern transportation. Would you like to offer us pallets you can do so by signing up at info@woodpacker.nl citing number of pallets, adress, contactperson and contact telephone number. We will then make an appointment with you for collection.

The location Janssenlaan is open for delivery every working day from 7.30 am until 17.00 pm.

To establish the quality th

e same rules are applied and maintained as mentioned in the EPAL brochure. All pallets purchased by Woodpacker are post calculated, this means that the pallets are selected first and the amount due for these pallets depends on this quality selection.


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