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ISPM 15 HT in UK

We supply certified products in accordance with the ISPM no. 15 and we are recorded in the central register of the Foundation Registration Wooden Packaging. Our registration number is 181.

Brief account about ISPM 15

ISPM 15 relates to all wooden Packaging materials inclusive of soakwood, intended for those countries that demand the ISPM 15 requirements at import. ISPM pints out which products need to be treated, the methods that are allowed and the way the products need to be marked.

ISPM 15 demands that ALL wood species are treated and marked.

Exceptions to the ISPM are:

  •  6 mm Wood or thinner
  •  Wooden sheet material produced through glueing, heat and/or pressure
  •  Wood wool ISPM 15 HT

Heat treatment

The wood is heated to the core of the wood with a minimum temperature of 56 degrees and condenced to a minimum of 30 minutes. This treatment is suitable for new and used products.

Woodpacking VOF was the First company to attain the ISPM 15 certificate in the Netherlands, as a producer without drying room.
This means that we have treated wood ready to supply and work with and are able to suit every customers unique wishes/requirement much faster this way.

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