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Woodpacker UK

Woodpacker is established in april 2000 by sir R.J. Hut in cooperation with sir J. Hilbrands. Woodpacker VOF was founded in Selmien, Ureterp. This was the base of the current business activities. Woodpacker started off as a small company and the primary concern was the trade in used pallets. In 2007 Woodpacker moved to a brand new building on a 850m2 by 4100m2 piece of ground situated at the Janssenlaan 20 in Drachten.

In 2008 Woodpacker entered a new business trade, producing export wrapping and made to measure work. Made to measure entails producing boxes or crates. But also special projects such as lids, storage cupbords and projects on location. Woodpacker has its debut in the Netherlands attaining the ISPM15 certificate, producing without drying room.

Current business activities range from pallet recycling, delivering and maintaining to the producing of new pallets. Made to measure to suit every customers unique requirements and wishes. Woodpacker has currently six employees, all located in Drachten. Two of these employees work full time with a WA-jong benefit. When Woodpacker was established in 2000 it’s aim was, to make and maintain a positive contribution to society.

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